We know that our lovely friend is special and sensitive to nutrition. Felicia® Adult Lamb is specially formulated for our friends who cannot tolerate traditional protein sources and components. We are ready to meet your expectations in the best way with this formula, which contains the optimum protein from real lamb and the special vitamins your cat needs. Cranberry fruit, vitamins E&C, help neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals and support a longer life process. All Felicia® formulas offer our friends a healthy and balanced diet with the highest quality ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition.


Special Useful Additions with Felicia® Difference



The optimum protein from real lamb.


Anchovies & Anchovy Oil

It plays an important role in the development of heart, eye, skin and hair health.



Facilitates digestion. Reduces the risk of developing stomach diseases.


Cornelian cherry

It’s a natural antibiotic. Reduces the risk of cancer, helps to clean the urinary tract.


Chandelier Tree

It supports the immune and digestive system. Helps reduce the smell of feces.



Regulates intestinal functions. It helps to relieve diarrhea and constipation.



It has anti-allergen and painkiller properties.

Together with our nutritionists, we have prepared a special formula hypoallergenic with reduced grain content so that our cute friends can eat in accordance with their natural living conditions and live healthier. Felicia®, which has highly digestible sources of animal protein, has been specially developed against digestive and allergy sensitivities. It contains beef, dairy products, wheat, soy, potatoes, artificial sweetener, colorant, chemical aroma and GMO associated with allergic reinsions!

Felicia® Dry Foods Do Not Contain Harmful Supplements

25 days
As a Result of Consumption

90% stop hair casting

Strengthened immune system

96.8% digestibility benefit

Decreased amount of feces and the smell of feces

Access to a dynamic body structure

Observed by specialist physicians

as a result of 25 days of regular consumption, you can observe that our cute friend; the system of light is strengthened, the amount and smell of teeth decreases, the hairs of the gush and bright are formed, the health of the idrar pathway and kidney is maintained, its refibility increases and reaches a dynamic body structure.

Table of contents

Dried lamb protein (27%), hydrolyzed lamb protein (18%), baldo rice, corn, refined chicken oil, peas, anchovy flour, shrimp flour, beer yeast, anchovy oil, nucleotide yeast protein, minerals, prebiotic mannan oligo magpie, seaweed, chandelier extract, cranberry powder, pisilium.

Analytical Components

Raw Protein: 33
Raw Fat: 15
Raw Ash: 8
Raw Fiber: 2.5

% Energy Value (at 100 g)
161.5 kJ, 38.58 kcal

Vitamins, Minerals
and Other Additional Ingredients

Vitamin A (E672): 25,000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 (E671): 1,500 IU/kg
Vitamin E (3a700): 150 mg/kg
Vitamin C: 25 mg/kg
Niacin (3a314): 50 mg/kg
Taurine: 2,200 mg/kg
Copper (As Sulfate)(E4): 18 mg/kg
Zinc (As Sulfate)(E6): 95 mg/kg
Zinc (As Chelate)(E6) 20 mg/kg
Manganese (As Sulfate)(E5): 30 mg/kg
Selenium (As Selenide)(E8): 0.3 mg/kgOmega-6
: 3.7Omega-3
: 0.75
EU approved antioxidants

Transition Process in Food Exchange

You should always gradually make the transition period to new food for your pets. Changing the food you use at once can cause health problems in your pet. New and old food is gradually mixed and important for the digestive system and metabolism to adapt to the new dietary model. This gradual transition will help reduce the likelihood of stomach disorders and development following the change in food. You should gradually start using the new food for 1 week so that your pet has no problems adapting to a new habit. Every day you need to increase the proportion of new food and reduce the proportion of old food. You should definitely not add home cooking to nutrition in transitions to new food. For your pet who is grumpy about food, try feeding the food by hand like a reward biscuit. Always have clean fresh water ready alongside its food. When starting a new food, the pet should not be left hungry. When you start the new food, constantly check your pet’s feces, energy level for possible signs of allergic and gastrointestinal disorders.

1st and 2nd. Day

25% Felicia®, 75% old food on day 1 and day 2

3rd and 4th. Day

50% Felicia®, 50% old food on day 3 and 4

5th and 6th. Day

75% Felicia®, 25% old food on day 5 and 6

After Day 7

100% Felicia® after day 7


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