Sheba Creamy Treat Cat Food Chicken, 48g Pack of 12


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  • Brand: Sheba
  • Creamy Treat Cat Food Chicken
  • Size: 85g
  • Pack of 12
  • Sheba Melty is a cat treats that has high palatability, in puree format
  • Irresistible flavor to keep your cats coming back for more
  • Helps restrict cardiac issues
  • A flavor to suit every taste
  • Providing a succulent taste sensation every meal
  • Create bonding moment by “Feed by hand”, closing the distance with cats

If you really love your cats, you will want ONLY THE BEST for them everyday. Freshly served, exceptional meats, delicate aroma, extraordinary taste, SHEBA provides a tempting selection of textures and irresistible flavours packed with nutrition. SHEBA…

Sheba Melty is a creamy cat snack, an irresistible treat for your special furry friend. In the form of a creamy puree Sheba Melty snacks allow you to strengthen your relationship with your cat by feeding it gently by hand. Thanks to its smooth texture, you can easily push the gravy cat food out of the sleek sachet and give it directly to your cat.


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