Fit-Oil is a natural source of vitamin A and D3 and is rich in poly-unsaturated fatty acids such as essential omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin A or retinol is important in building up the skin, fertility and growth. In young pigeons vitamin D3 is essential for the correct development of the bone structure. The extra supplement of vitamin E (fertility vitamin) promotes the drive. Vitamin E, a strong antioxidant, and omega 3 fatty acids benefit the general health of your pigeons.
Cod liver oil capsules

With extra vitamin E

Supports the fertility

Develops drive in widowers

Promotes the growth of young pigeons


1 capsule administered direcly in the beak.

In the breeding period: give daily from 8 days before pairing until the second egg is laid.

During the racing season: the last 3 days before basketing.

Young growing pigeons: twice a week.


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