Complementary food for birds. Oropharma Probi-Zyme is a combination of probiotics and digestive enzymes. This dietary supplement promotes intestinal culture and flora, enhances good intestinal flora, ensures better digestion of food and gets the intestinal flora and cultures of chicks from one day started. Probi-Zyme contains probiotics. These are good bacteria present in the bird’s intestines (and culture). In addition to good bacteria, Probi-Zyme contains special enzymes that promote the digestion of ingested foods. The combination of both, if administered in high doses, ensures optimal functioning of the digestive system. Probi-Zyme is one of the few products in which the concentration of beneficial bacteria is assured.

1 gauge level (= 1 g) per 100 g of Orlux eggfood or per 100 g of food-breeding NutriBird.
Add Probi-Zyme to the food before feeding (this is to prevent the food from becoming sticky). Probi-Zyme should always be administered in conjunction with Oropharma Oro-Digest. The-fructooligosaccharides present in Oro-Digest act as food for probiotics in Probi-Zyme.


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