Versele Laga Oropharma B-Chol Metabolic Support Racing Pigeon Supplement 500ml


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Versele Laga Oropharma B-Chol is a unique blend based on sulphuric amino acids, biotin, sorbitol and vitamin B12. It promotes plumage growth and moult, increases appetite and metabolism, activates digestion, helps the liver function and purifies the blood. B-Chol stimulates the excretion of bile and the digestion

Administering B-Chol is recommended after treatment with antibiotics to support the liver function. By adding Vitamin B12 to B-Chol the general metabolism is supported and the pigeon develops a good general condition.

Directions for use

2 bottle tops (10 ml) of B-Chol per litre of drinking water or per 0.5 kg of feed.

In the moulting period: 2 days a week.
After a course of antibiotics: 5 consecutive days.
In case of digestive disorders: 5 consecutive days.
Analytical constituents

Crude protein 3.06%, Crude fat 0.18%, Methionine 19.225 mg/kg & Sodium 109 mg/kg

Nutritional additives

Vitamin B12 19.2 mg/kg, Biotin 19.2 mg/kg & Choline chloride 30.928 mg/kg


Liquid sorbitol & Saccharose


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